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Calling All College Students: Walk-In Flash Wednesday Sale

Hey there, College Crew!

Looking to add a splash of ink to your college experience? Well, we've got some exciting news just for you! 🎓✨

Forbidden Imprint has Walk-In Flash Wednesday Sale —exclusively for college students like you! 🌿 Every Wednesday, step into our studio for a chance to snag 2-3 inch tattoos that change weekly, all starting at just $50+.

Here's the lowdown:

Walk-In Flash Wednesday is every Wednesday each month.

Each Wednesday the flash will change based on holiday or season of the month!

Price: Tattoos starting at $50+

We encourage you to bring a buddy along for the ride because we welcome a friend to accompany you on your ink journey. 🌈

Whether it's your first tattoo or a spontaneous addition to your collection, we've got you covered.

Ready to claim your spot? It's as easy as pie! 🍰 Simply give us a call to secure your slot, or direct message and we'll schedule you in first thing. Beat the rush and be the first to choose from our weekly flash designs.

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