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Tiny Tattoos, Big Smiles: Celebrating Kids with Fake Ink

Every child is a canvas of boundless imagination and joy. As parents, we're often presented with opportunities to celebrate their creativity and unique expressions. One delightful way to do so is by letting them dive into the world of fake tattoos—colorful, temporary designs that light up their faces with pure happiness. Here at Forbidden Imprint we can make that happen.

Why would you consider this?? Well:

1. A Splash of Self-Expression:

Kids are like tiny artists, always eager to express themselves. Fake tattoos provide a safe and temporary outlet for their creativity. It's a chance for them to explore different designs, from superheroes to magical creatures, and wear their imaginations on their sleeves—literally!

2. Empowering Choice, Temporary Fun:

Giving kids the option to choose their temporary tattoos empowers them. It's a decision that's entirely theirs, from the playful dinosaurs to the sparkling stars. This simple act fosters a sense of independence and allows them to revel in a world where their choices matter.

3. Teaching the Art of Expression:

Fake tattoos are a gateway to teaching kids about the beauty of self-expression. It's not just about the designs; it's about encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and be proud of who they are. The transient nature of these tattoos teaches them that it's okay to change, evolve, and try new things.

4. Easy Cleanup, Happy Hearts:

Unlike some messy arts and crafts projects, fake tattoos are a breeze to clean up. A simple scrub of warm water annd soap removes the tattoos without any fuss. It's a win-win situation—easy for us, and loads of fun for them!

1-2 inches color or black and gray tattoos only $5

3+ inches Color or black and Gray $10

Bonus: They can decide what they want! Bring a picture OR a drawing! Let's give them a fun experience they will always enjoy!

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